YOUR DREAM JOB ON WALL STREET: Search 350 headhunters to know if you want to land a job in trading, dealmaking, and investment management

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Search more than 350 Wall Street recruiters across 80 headhunting firms.

  • Business Insider has compiled a searchable list of more than 350 headhunters across 80 firms that source talent for Wall Street.
  • The database includes recruiters who focus on front-office investment professionals — traders, dealmakers, portfolio managers, bankers, and the executives they report into. 
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The pandemic has thrown the business world on its head in 2020 — and Wall Street’s headhunting community is no exception. 

As the economy cratered and the remote-work era unfolded, in-person interviews disappeared and hiring froze up.

Some business lines in finance have dropped off a cliff — global M&A deal value was down roughly 50% in the first half of 2020, according to Dealogic — but in other areas, the need for talent has arguably never been greater. Traders have contended with the most volatile markets in their lifetimes, while investment bankers specializing in capital raising and as well as restructuring have been inundated with work.

As Wall Street settled into the new normal of the Covid-19 era, strategic hiring perked up this summer.

“Covid has certainly slowed down hiring on Wall Street — deals are being slow-walked and they’re taking longer to close. And some firms are dealing with cuts to bonus compensation and salaries, if not staffing,” John Arbolino, a managing director at Boothroyd & Co, a consulting firm that specializes in recruiting for Wall Street executive search firms, told Business Insider. “But the war for talent is still there, and recruiting revenue-generating professionals remains hypercompetitive. Good recruiters with specialized knowledge are always going to be on the Wall Street hiring manager’s speed dial.”

Especially in times of distress and dislocation, the right talent can set you up for years of prosperity — many firms learned this amid the financial crisis in 2008, proactively poaching the best talent from the beleaguered big banks. And the wrong personnel could mean watching competitors surge ahead of you. 

Business Insider spoke with its network of sources and mined online data from over 80 recruitment firms to compile a list of more than 350 headhunters that source talent for Wall Street firms.

We homed in on recruiters that work with investment banks, hedge funds, private equity, private credit, asset management, proprietary trading, and family offices, though some of the professionals listed have expertise in other areas as well, such as real estate, venture capital, or fintech. 

The searchable database includes recruiters who focus on front-office investment professionals — traders, dealmakers, portfolio managers, bankers, and the executives they report into. We only included US-based personnel, and we didn’t include people who recruit primarily temp or support staff, risk, compliance, legal, or any other non-revenue producing role. 

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