This $150,000 ‘Beast Mode’ off-roading camper van built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can stay off the grid for 7 days — see inside

Storyteller Overland Beast MODE Interior 1Storyteller Overland

  • Alabama-based Storyteller Overland has unveiled the Beast Mode, a camper van built on a 144-inch Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 chassis.
  • The Beast MODE can stay off-road and off the grid for up to six or seven days.
  • The converted camper van, which can sit and sleep up to four people, has two convertible beds, a kitchen, a toilet, and a 10-foot awning for outdoor lounging.
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Alabama-based Storyteller Overland, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van conversion company, has unveiled the next iteration of its flagship Mode four-by-four camper van: the Beast Mode.

Founder and CEO of Storyteller Overland Jeffrey C. Hunter told Business Insider that the four seasons-capable Beast Mode has multiple uses.

He calls it a “daily driver meets weekend warrior”: while it’s small enough to fit in a normal parking space, Beast Mode has the ability to go more off-grid and off-road than most class B RVs and four-wheel-drive trucks like Jeeps. 

“Our involvement in this particular segment is really driven by a passion and love for that community,” Hunter said. “And when we listened [to that community], we tried to develop solutions that really did offer the end-user a very flexible way of having a safe experience.”

Instead of creating custom Sprinter van conversions, Storyteller Overland focuses solely on its Mode build, and the original Mode four-by-four serves as the inspiration and base for the new Beast upgrade.

“We’ve been able to capture an economy of scale and a quality tolerance by turning [our builds] into a repeat build assembly through our manufacturing facilities,” Hunter said.

Take a peek inside Beast Mode, which can sit and sleep four #VanLifers:

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